Empower your children (A teacher's guide)

Thomas Rowley, Ph. DSKU: 978-1-7370353-4-3
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Not enough time to coordinate the material and teach your class too? This guide has ready to use tools that save time for teachers and home school parents.
It only takes a few minutes of thoughtful, organized, preparation to increase student engagement and create a positive learning experience. The lesson plans spell out the steps for you. “Dr Tom” as he is known to his university students, applied his decades of teaching and adult training to carefully design the lesson plan outlines. They include a self-analysis feedback mechanism to continually improve subsequent presentations.
  • build student’s critical thinking skills casually by asking questions
  • increase student interest by explaining the linkage to their other classwork
  • explain how these key skills that will positively impact their daily lives
  • show them how to engage in informed, vigorous, and polite discussion.
This guide enables the teacher to devote their talents to help students learnhow to learn not what to learn. Build their habit of evaluation of the sources of information and become respectful skeptics.
Don’t be overwhelmed – get organized and be effective. Establish your position as mentor and guide, not lecturer. Your students will long remember how you helped them develop important life skills. This guide will make it easier for you.

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