Empower Your Children (Hardcover)

Thomas Rowley, Ph. DSKU: 9781737035350
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This book will help you discover a practical solution to overcome and counter many of today's issues. After implementing the recommended action plan, your life and the lives of those you care about will be better.

Do you wonder how the woke/cancel culture got such a grip on so many people?

- How could it be that reaction to the current failures at nearly all levels of government - uninformed individuals making political choices based on incomplete models and almost nobody bothered to ask critical questions about the statistics or model makers, or the agendas and history of the so-called experts?

- How could it be that the citizens across the globe are willing to sit by and quietly comply with arbitrary rules and regulations that are in clear conflict with long accepted standards of personal liberty and equitable treatment?

- How can the community at large overcome the influence of the liberal bias that has been taught in the colleges and universities and has since been pulled down into the classrooms in high schools? What is missing in the education process that might improve the decision-making process on social policy and generate vigorous debate, not violent street protests?

The book traces the decline in public education from the Anti-Vietnam War protests of the 60s, the federal takeover of the oversight of K-12 public schools, generational changes in the knowledge of history and decision-making skills, and the evolution of revolutionary groups and the impact they have had on university programs that have filtered down to the K-12 level.

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