Raising Twins

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In the second edition of this popular parenting book, Shelly Vaziri Flais, MD, FAAP helps readers prepare for their twins' arrival, birth and infancy, and provides sage advice for raising them through toddlerhood and the school years. Dr. Flais' book will help parents of twins and other multiples: Prepare for the arrival of their babies; Survive the first few days, weeks and months by providing information on feeding, sleeping, scheduling and outings; Navigate the toddler years from mealtime to potty training, one- on-on time to loving discipline; Move into the school years with ideas on managing things like socialization and competition, family dynamics and individuality. Combining her experience as a mom and her expertise as a pediatrician, Flais brings a unique blend of heartwarming personal experiences and professional knowledge to deliver a real survival guide for every family with twins, triplets, quads or more.

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