The Color Of Fashion

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b>Mellow yellow, in the pink, feeling blue, green with envy. color is so entwined with our emotions that there are countless expressions and song lyrics, devoted to it. But what meaning does color have in what we wear? What does a green dress convey when worn to a cocktail party, what significance does a white trouser suit have when worn by a female politican, and why does a woman in red command attention? Telling fascinating stories drawn from across history, The color of Fashion delves into the significance of color in dress, and explores how the symbolism has shifted over time. Think of how black transitioned from a color of mourning to the ultimate in elegance, how millennial pink has defined the Instagram generation, and beige, once a sophisticated favourite of Chanel, now reflects the normcore subculture. Featuring images of iconic colorful moments in fashion history - including Jennifer Lopez in green Versace, Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez in white tailoring and Audrey Hepburn in that Little Black Dress - this book is an essential read for fashion lovers.

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