The power to reinvent your life

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No matter your circumstances, or where you find yourself at, you now can Reinvent & Jumpstart Your Life, re-awaken your Passion and live out your Dreams. With 7 steps, over 100 strategies, stories, and plenty of interactive-tools to Reinvent Your Life, Yvonne doesn't just motivate you to bring out your Best, she gives you step-by-step guidance as to how to do it, including: -How to Jumpstart your Mind, turning negativity into Happiness, Positivity, and Success -How to develop Clarity, Curiosity, and Creativity to seize opportunities that show up -How to Design a Compelling Vision that motivates and thrifts you forward -How to restore Trust, Faith, & Love Yourself despite past failures -How to understand the lessons of your past -How to develop the Art of Visualization and prosper in all your intentions -How to Overcome Fears, and Create New Truths with 6 sure-fire proven strategies -How to use the Force of Commitment to your advantage and live with ease and freedom!

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