Travels of a wash-belly baby

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Shouldn’t a little senior citizen be rocking contentedly on a front porch somewhere with a cup of tea on a little doily covered table by her side?
JR Dixon-Davidson, the author of this book, answers that question with an emphatic “No!” She is no ordinary lady and no ordinary travelogue.
From the time she introduces herself as a “wash-belly baby” to the conclusion of this entertaining, informative, personal account of her travels, we find this feisty lady, literally, all over the world .J.R. Dixon-Davidson takes us on a slow excursion down the wide, muddy Amazon River. Although there are the facts that we would expect to read about the river, we are not prepared when she tells us about passing by a native child on the riverbank waving with her pet—a huge anaconda snake—wrapped around her shoulders.
We find the author in China watching silkworms in enormous vats of water, busily spinning their threads. She throws in a description of the process and history of the silk industry.
We accompany her to Tahiti, expecting to read about lush vegetation and beautiful people while we sip fancy drinks with the author.
There is history, of course, and beautiful descriptions of lush exotic plants. We are treated to a detailed description of handsome men and beautiful women in native attire, but we find JR Dixon-Davidson, in all places, wading in the warm waters with stingrays around her feet.
These stories are just a sample, but you have figured out that this is no ordinary book by now. To be sure, there is historical, factual information enough to satisfy any bedside traveler. The detailed, beautifully drawn descriptions of each place are real enough to place the reader next to her. But it is the irreverent joy of travel and exploration of this intrepid traveler, who happens to be a senior, that charms the reader and proves life is to be lived in this wide, wonderful world.

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